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COVID-19 Update

The clinics in South Croydon and Horsham are now open. Larkfield Leisure Centre remains closed. New guidelines are in place as follows:

1) I will contact you the day before the treatment to ‘triage’ you, ensuring that you have no symptoms of coronavirus nor have you knowingly been in contact with anyone who has.

2) Please arrive at the clinic at the time of your appointment. We are actively discouraging patients from waiting in reception. Please bring as few unnecessary items with you as possible.

3) I have allocated one hour for your session with 30 minutes either side to clean and ventilate the room. The more time you and I spend together in close contact, the more chance we have of passing the virus to each other. If you do not feel comfortable with an hour session, please let me know.

4) I will wear PPE (gloves, apron and a mask), you will be asked to wear a mask which I will provide. The couches will have new wipeable covers, as will the pillows.

5) The cost for your first treatment back will be £50. This will reduce to £45 in August as I shorten the length of the sessions and time allocated between them.

6) Payment should be made by BACS if possible or, cash and cheques are acceptable in an envelope. (Thank you)

7) You will be required to sign an informed consent form which explains that we have talked about the risks involved. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, PLEASE contact me.



to Hillosteopath, established in 1998. My name is Charlotte Hill and I am a registered Osteopath practising in Croydon, Horsham and Aylesford.

As an experienced Osteopath, I’m determined to help my patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.


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